Teaching Visually

Lightboard workshop

The workshop series was designed to get faculty and instructional staff up and running on the lightboard. The sessions were designed in 3 parts, or ‘acts’ as it were. Play. Plan. Produce.

Below we have included the workshop outline, the presentation slides, and storyboard templates. As an added bonus have included some of the videos our participants made during the production stage.


Before session: Compile and share some eg. Lightboard videos
Ask participants to consider some content. Bring a lesson, activity or lecture to the session.

Session I

10:30 – Introductions. Starting a Lightboard project
Activity – Icebreaker – 4 icon stories
Presentation – PLAY
Activity – Making lines
Activity – Doodle monsters
11:30 – Presentation – PLAN
Project plan -> Script -> Story -> Storyboard
Activity – Storyboard
Can you tell your story in 1 minute or less? Discussions
12:00 – End – A finished storyboard template

Session II
10:30 – Sign a waivers and review agenda
Video sample and discussion
Lightboard demo
ALL – Practice making lines and writing text on the board
Production notes and tips
11:00 – Start participant videos (5-10 min each)
12:00 – End


Lightboard 3 parts

Lightboard 4 parts




Julia Lane

Shuxing Li

Daniel Goodman

Marlies Grindlay