Reviewing the basics of visual note-taking

I have often used the Sketchy Frenzy videos when introducing visual note-taking. These were some of the earliest videos on the topic 8 years ago, and hold just as true today as then.  The full series are on youTube and have noticed a few new updates as of late. This is the original ‘basics’ video.

It’s worth going through and checking out the full series.In a recent update, creator “Claudine Delfin” reveals her method, “UPDATE: I see that a lot of people have been asking about how I made the video, I actually drew everything by hand first, turned them into vector graphics in Adobe Illustrator, and then animated the whole thing using Adobe Flash 🙂” Old school! 😉

There is a rather attractive Weebly website set up for Sketcho Frenzy from the same time period. These videos seem to be freely shared, and with recent adventures in remote-teaching, become more relevant to many instructors.